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Dressing up in the 80's

You can bring back that look, fun feels and funky 80's that would make you fit in perfectly and let everyone talk about you in a party. Both men and women wore two different big earrings because it was a popular style. The use of fingerless gloves was yet another trend that was embraced in the 1980's. Most times when the gloves are bought, they cut the fingers from the gloves, that is, if they cannot find an already made fingerless one. This trend was particularly popular, especially when matched with a punk look, denim and lace. The lace gloves were usually preferred. What about make ups, especially for women? The classic makeup styles in the 1980's were the use of dark lipsticks for the women (and some punk men too) and a very bright eye shadow. Apart from his high level of intelligence, he was agile, fast, strong and quick to react. The serum he took had metabolized in his body and enhanced all his body functions to the highest human efficiency. Captain America dresses in a costume that has the American flag motif. He is usually armed with his almost imperishable shield which he throws at his enemies. Here you will find different features of all Marvel's fancy dress costumes and plenty more.